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The purpose of this work was to show how the personal life and the scientific context where Mary Shelley lived influenced her to wite her posthumous novel Frankenstein and it has achieved. My expectations and hypothesis that I was decided to treat has acomplished but, as always happen with searching works I have found later an interesting page in which my theories were confirmed but also expanded. Here is the link

I’m sorry because it’s written in Spanish but is very complete, you will find apart from the themes that have been discussed, information about why is Dr Frankenstein compared with Prometheus (rememeber that the novel is also called The Modern Prometheus), the esoterism that is also found at the novel or the theories of Spontaneous Generation which were defended by some scientifics.

You will also find a brief comment about the psycologycal view of maternal feilure but is not developed. From this point of view I haven’t found much information but I promise I will continue searching for it.



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Academic year 2009/2010

Academic year 2009/2010
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