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I have always thought about what took Mary Shelley to create Frankenstein. We know he is formed by parts of different people and resurrected  by a scientific, but the most important question we must ask is Why was he created by parts  of different bodies? Was it not enough bring a dead person back to life?

The work here is focused on these questions and I will look at the general context in Britain and the scientific news and searching that were been taking at that time. But the advance of science was not the only aspect which influenced her, her mother Mary Wollstonecraft was a writer and feminist an although she died when Mary was a baby, her works helped Mary Shelley to be the majestic author we know now.

The name of the paper is The Scars of Frankenstein because in my opinion, she wanted to revindicate the social behaviour against people who is “different”, I am talking about racism, and she wanted also to show that science, if we don’t te care, will bring us to the Down. Talking about Frankenstein is treating racism and implantation of lost members (an ambitius project in that moment, that now is still  crawling).

Another interesting feature of this character is that, despite of beeing formed by talented people (a musician, a trained person, ….) the scars made so ugly that people didn’t like him.

I hope you enjoy the work as I did writing it.



Mary Shelley




Academic year 2009/2010
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