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1st P Mary Shelley

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The main problem I had when I was looking for information about Mary Shelley was that her single name was Mary Wollstonecraf, the same name as her mother, that is because her father William Godwin wanted his daughter had her mother’s surname when she died, so this fact made me to be careful when I was searching for the biographies of both women.

In this chapter I will make a briefly summary of her life and if you want to know more about her I leave here the link I have searched.

Nineteenth century was a period of great medical advances: William Morton developed anesthesia, Louis Pasteur made the first vaccinerabies, and also made many discoveries in the field of chemistry, including the asymmetry of crystals.

All these discoveries make contrast with Mary’s life because  three of her four children died, the first one didn’t birth. Losing a child is the worst experience parents can have so probably Shelley tried with her masterpiece Frankenstein show her pain and ask for help so nobody suffer about it again. The creation of Frankenstein is the search of the perfect man (remember Frankenstein’s monster is formed by the parts of  different talented people) but the moral of the novel says that perfection itself doesn’t exist and it’s unachievable and in case of getting it, the consequences will be destructive.

The scars of Frankenstein are also Mary Shelley’s scars made by the tragic lose of her children.




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